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After that, I applied a dime-size amount of the tinted moisturizer to my Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush and started buffing it into my skin, focusing on the darker spots on my cheeks. And guys, this stuff is incredible

Tarte Sugar Rush Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer

The fluffy, mousse-like texture makes skin look even in both texture and tone. It also does what’s in its name: it makes you look poreless. According to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, Skin Treat has that blurring effect partly because of what’s not in the tube. «This is an anhydrous formula, meaning there is no water, leaving room to include lots of pigments for coverage and silky silicones for that airbrush effect,» he says. 

And airbrushed I was. I looked like I was wearing a full-coverage, matte foundation, but it felt light and airy like I was wearing nothing but my skin-care routine

After using Tarte’s Sugar Rush Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer. 

Angela Trakoshis

While Skin Treat works wonders for me, unfortunately, I can’t say it’s ideal for everyone. This product is currently available in only nine shades; I’m the shade Medium, and there are only five shades darker than mine. Hopefully, Tarte will consider expanding the shade range — this stuff is good and needs to be shared with every skin tone.

That said, after using Tarte’s Sugar Rush Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer for a few weeks, I haven’t turned back to my normal foundation — and truth be told, I don’t know if I ever will.

Tarte’s Sugar Rush Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer is $32 and available now at tartecosmetics.com.  

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