Вт. Июн 15th, 2021

“Let’s think of future us” is a phrase I introduced to my kids a while ago. After coming in from playing outside in the snow I watched them fling their wet stuff everywhere, leaving their boots and coats in various places. Having been through this before I know how this is going to end. When we want to leave to go somewhere or go play outside again the kids would be frustrated and unable to find their things, which in turn would cause me to become frustrated too.

I stopped the kids and said, “let’s think of future us.” Let’s hang up all our wet clothing so it’s dry when we want to go out and play again and not stinky and wet. Let’s put our boots away in their cubby so we know right where to find them later and we don’t get frustrated.

To my complete and total surprise, the kids were like, yes. Let’s do that. That makes sense.

From that day on the phrase let’s think of future us has become an integral part of our day.

Not only do I say it to my kids, but I also say it to myself. It works for adults too. Watch tv and eat a bag of chips or go out for a walk? Let’s think of future us. Scroll Instagram mindlessly or meditate? Let’s think of future us. Go to bed early and get rest or stay up late? Let’s think of future us. Spend money now on unnecessary stuff to clutter our home or save for intentional purchases or experiences in the future? Let’s think of future us.

I knew this concept had successfully made into my daughter’s psyche the night I stated loudly, I don’t want to clean up the kitchen tonight. I just want to go to bed.

Anika looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and sweet cherub face and said.

“But mommy what about your future self?”

At that moment I couldn’t have been prouder of her. It was like I created my own adorable little life coach. I told her, she was correct, got myself up and cleaned that kitchen.

About the Author: Nikki Cox is a mommy of two striving to live life with intention and clarity. Find her at Lovelylucidlife.com.

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